Our team

The amazing team at SENSEcity are the masterminds behind Historiscope and reconstructing history through Augmented Reality. We are a bunch of passionate designers, engineers, and technology geeks.

Showcase a world forgotten in time

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower heritage sites with advanced technological tools so they can offer meaningful storytelling experiences to their visitors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people and places with rich heritage by bringing innovations through immersive technology

Our Values

A core part of SENSEcity is telling stories in innovative ways through an undiscovered lens. By combining engineering and innovation, we take historical locations and bring new life into them.

Meet our founder

Pooja Katara is the founder and CEO at SENSEcity. She is an architect and remains passionate about all things culture and design.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Pooja first came to Glasgow in 2016 to pursue her Master’s in Architectural Studies at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA). She accidentally turned into an entrepreneur when her master’s thesis project at the Glasgow School of Art won the Chairman’s Medal.

She founded SENSEcity in 2018 and has been supported by various organizations like Converge, Creative Informatics, Scottish Enterprise, and TravelTech for Scotland.

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Historiscope was born from the team at SENSEcity following a challenge of bringing the past to present. SENSEcity is at the forefront of innovation in the augmented reality technology sector, which is why we were positioned to take on this challenge.

SENSEcity Studio is an Immersive Design Studio based in Glasgow which specialises in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences for the cultural heritage and tourism sectors.

We design and develop custom hardware using sustainable methods and software products that bring those environments to life and inspire visitors to engage with their heritage in a whole new way.

Our expertise

Tiomoid Foley

Project Manager and Heritage Advisor

Harshal Chandwani

Chief Marketing Officer

Anirudhan Iyengar

Chief Technical Officer

Melissa Sully

Chief Operations Officer

Apart from our core team, we have 20 subject matter experts and developers who work with us on client projects. We also have a large network of designers and 3D modelers who collaborate with us as per project requirements.

Creative informatics and Innovate UK

SENSEcity collaborated with Historic Environment Scotland (HES) on an R&D Project to create new Immersive Heritage Experiences after winning the Creative Informatics (CI) Challenge Project in 2020.

These Challenge Projects offer an opportunity for creative and cultural organizations to bring forward challenges relating to their work that require innovative, data-driven solutions. 

With a successful proof of concept delivered at Urquhart Castle, the company was aware an Innovate UK; Audience of the Future Award which led to the development of the operational product at Stirling Castle. Watch the CI video below to hear more about the journey.

Our Supports

Meet some of our amazing supporters, who have helped bring Historiscope to life over the years!

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