A new augmented reality viewing scope, bringing the past to your present.

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An augmented reality viewing scope

Historiscope is an Augmented Reality (AR) viewing scope. This device acts like a window into the historical past. Inspired by a tourist telescope’s design, this device fuses authentic history with AR technology.

In short, instead of providing a closer view of the historical location in front, it builds a relevant scenario from the past, something from when the structure was in use.

In an immersive, intuitive, and imaginative way, the Historiscope paints the most accurate picture of history as you see through the lenses.

Immersive AR experience for kids in Stirling Castle - Historiscope
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What makes Historiscope perfect for a heritage destination?

Historical Accuracy
Attention To Design
Outdoor Friendly
Augmented Reality
Immersive experience

While our technology is top-notch, it is the historical accuracy that we take the most pride in. Backed by the research of our expert teams, every historical experience provided by us is as accurate as it gets.

We liaison with historical experts and 3D designers who follow a strict process of informed content design. From scriptwriting to the architectural and material reconstruction of the monument, everything is a collaborative process.

Rough and tough, the Historiscope hardware can take heat, rain, snow and more. It has been tested for outdoor use.

Gone are the days of guide books and pamphlets. Keeping in mind the needs of a modern tourist, we have developed sophisticated AR experiences that beautifully work with constructive hardware.

Visiting a historical location is immersive enough. But travelling back in time to what it used to be is a notch above. The Historiscope successfully does the latter.

Case Studies

We have taken to Scotland's prestigious castles at Urquhart and Stirling

Urquhart Castle
Stirling Castle

Leave everything to us

We are an end-to-end solution

We Research

the history relevant to your location.

We Design

and customize the AR experience that is truly yours.

We Develop

the custom software for your monument.

We Build

the hardware as per your location's requirements.

We Install

with the help of our experts.

We Maintain

so you are stress-free and tourists can make the most of the Historiscope experience.

Simply call us on +44-7765481434 or mail us at [email protected]

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Why choose Historiscope?

We provide an exciting path between the past and future. While our product revolutionises the way tourists consume history, we are passionate individuals who are up for any challenge that is thrown at us.

Our core capabilities and strategic partnerships allow us to work with the best designers, engineers, heritage professionals and hardware fabricators.

History Specialists

Before taking up a site, we put together a team of scholars and experts with mastery over history from the period when the structure was in use. Deep research, accurate study and multiple discussions later, these history mavericks devise a storyline of what will be shown through the Historiscope.

Augmented Reality Creators

We implement the finest platforms in Augmented Reality, thus pushing the boundaries of technology. A tourist-friendly experience is at the heart of everything we build for your site’s custom Historiscope. 


We work with award winning AR creators and it is such attention to detail that has fetched our team awards like Converge Challenge and Creative Informatics.

Design Experts

Our design experts are sensitive creatives who can strike a fine balance between your need and that of the product. A prodigious background in working with heritage sites helps them deliver fine experiences precisely made for tourist delight.

Discover the past

Know us better through our clients

This is what our users who experienced the Historiscope had to say

Fun to see the past
I could see the past and present
Felt like I was there

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Frequently asked questions

You can email us at [email protected] and we will guide you on the process of getting a Historiscope for your site.

Yes. The Historiscope has been tested to work in fluctuating temperatures. We are undergoing testing that will further affirm this, but with our current results, the Historiscope fits well in most weather conditions. For more detailed information please email [email protected]

Yes, it does. Even though we have been creating singular historical experiences, the option to create scenarios from different time periods exists as per your requirements. Please drop an email to [email protected] for more information.

The base of the Historiscope is 300mm x 450mm. The base is fixed on a plinth which is 600mm x 600mm x 50mm. The size of the plinth may be customized on request so please drop an email to [email protected] to know more.

Yes, the Historiscope requires a power supply of 200 volts and 20 amps. We are currently looking at alternate solutions by powering the Historiscope through renewable energy like solar panel.

Our Journey

Witness how we took the humble viewing scope to a whole new dimension